Wyld-Er-Ness Documentary Series

“Wyld-Er-Ness” is a documentary series from the hearts of people who find passion and inspiration from nature. It is a story that reclaims nature as a place for truth and personal discovery. The more we use the language of nature the more we preserve nature itself. “Wyld-Er-Ness” invites you to hear from authors, naturalists, and activists, who have spent time in communion in the great “hardwood Cathedrals”. Their stories transport us to our darkest fears of nature and transcend us with a new sublime understanding of the Wyld. We invite you to hear their stories and come along on their journeys. Produced in part by a grant from the North Carolina Arts and Science Council. To learn more about this project visit Scott Temple and Sally Jacobs of Quickbloom productions. 

We appreciate your interest and generous help with this project. Donations will be used 100% towards the creation of this project. Please feel free to contact us with questions.

Episode 1 published on Orion.com

Episode 2 published in The Turchin Center for the Visual arts Gallery

Episode 3 Eustace Conway on Living


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